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We give you access to deep technical expertise and a wide pool of talented, passionate people.

Pride in our Work

At OrkidTech we are very lucky to work with many very talented people. We are extremely passionate about our craft, about Software Development and take great pride in our work. We love finding solutions for difficult problems and helping our clients achieve success. We are extremely grateful to have access to such a diverse and talented bunch of people!

Common challenges we help our clients solve:

  • How to utilise and take advantage of newer technologies with existing team skillsets
  • Technology transition, updating older systems, phased approach, legacy migration
  • Architectural assistance and follow through guidance
  • Suitable technology choice
  • Access to scarce resources and expertise as needed

Some reasons why you should consider working with OrkidTech:

  • Our expertise in helping our clients build successful scalable software efficiently
  • We provide additional expert resources to accelerate project delivery
  • Help to improve software development capability, increase productivity, reduce costs
  • We help our clients to utilise the best technologies to gain competitive advantage
  • Our ability to up-skill your existing developers