ITEM One – The inauguration of ITEM

A big Thank You to all the speakers at ITEM One. A special mention to Wicklow Wolf for telling their story and providing us with some excellent Craft Beer! It was great to see all the attendees chatting away and mingling with other members. Hopefully we can grow ITEM into a useful
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ITEM – People are to blame

This April, ITEM publishes a short article by ITEM member Paddy Lynch giving his perspective on the single biggest cause of programme and project failure. People Are To Blame (PDF)

ITEM One – Promotion

Hello to members of ITEM! Here is the promotional material for ITEM One, the first event for ITEM members being held on 11 April. The sign-up link has been circulated via the ITEM LinkedIn group. ITEM-One Promotion (PDF, 2 Pages)
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ITEM – Funding vs Exit

For November, ITEM publishes a short article by ITEM member, Ian Shearer, that points out the plain truth regarding VC funding, which Founders should keep in mind. If your company is looking for financial backing, include this in your reading list. ITEM Funding vs Exit (PDF, 129k)

ITEMize – October 2017

As co-founder of ITEM and ongoing coordinator, we are pleased to publish ITEMize, a selection of posts to the ITEM group from the past few months. Current posts are available to ITEM members via the invitation-only LinkedIn group. A selection of posts are made public via ITEMize some weeks after appearing on