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ITEM – People are to blame

This April, ITEM publishes a short article by ITEM member Paddy Lynch giving his perspective on the single biggest cause of programme and project failure. People Are To Blame (PDF)
Article ITEM

ITEM – Funding vs Exit

For November, ITEM publishes a short article by ITEM member, Ian Shearer, that points out the plain truth regarding VC funding, which Founders should keep in mind. If your company is looking for financial backing, include this in your reading list. ITEM Funding vs Exit (PDF, 129k)

Day One Microservices

Public release: 22 September 2017 ITEM pre-release: 18 September 2017 This short article by guest contributor, Richard Roger (founder, nearForm), introduces Microservices and why you should be thinking about Microservices on the first day of your project. Day One Microservices (PDF 381k)