The Company

An Irish company providing access to software technical expertise and resources.

Based in Ireland with design and development partners across Europe, OrkidTech provides access to Expertise, Experience and Excellence in the creation of software solutions.

The OrkidTech expert panel comprises a select group of individuals drawn primarily from the Irish technology scene, who currently provide consulting, advisory, research, freelance, part- or whole-time roles in many capacities with Irish technology companies. Through OrkidTech they make time available to provide advice and oversight to OrkidTech clients. We will approach specialists where the need arises, in order to expand the panel for the benefit of our clients. Panel resources may participate in the advisory phase of a project, or may agree to be available for longer periods to provide regular input and improve continuity.

In addition to having local expertise, OrkidTech has close partnerships with a number of development teams in Europe whose staff skills and credentials have been assessed by OrkidTech to meet our demanding standards and who are flexible in their provisioning of resources. All teams in the developer panel provide officially accredited professionals, work through English, and are within 3 hours of the Irish time zone if working remotely. We work with our clients to determine a cost-effective balance between skills, location and availability. This blended approach of local expertise and remote development capability means we can be highly responsive to our clients’ needs.

OrkidTech is based in Ireland with design and development partners across Europe. We provide access to Expertise, Experience and Excellence in the creation of software solutions through our leading-edge training and mentoring activities, hackathons, open source contributions, research support and through our software development partners across Europe.

What we do

Bringing the right people together to create innovative solutions.

We enable our clients to Build Better Software Faster! OrkidTech has passionate enthusiastic developers innovating with the very latest technologies and tools to design, build and deliver great solutions. We help reduce delivery times, bring down costs and improve software development capabilities. By introducing innovative solutions and utilising new technologies your technical staff can be Encouraged, Energised and Excited by the new opportunities on offer, which has a positive impact on company culture and staff retention.

Our approach

Understand, offer advice and apply resources to create solutions.

Working with our partners across Europe gives us access to the latest ways of delivering software smartly and efficiently. Our partners have expertise in specific domains and this enables OrkidTech to deliver solutions utilising many different technology stacks. We have access to a large pool of excellent solution architects, developers, designers and UX people. Our first step is to properly understand the technical challenges you face, and then working with you we identify solution strategies matched to an extensive talent pool from which we can then form a team to make it happen.