Software expertise as a service

OrkidTech is fully engaged in enabling companies to face software development challenges. We are the catalyst that brings your needs together with our panel of experts and experienced developers. With our help you can validate your ideas, expand your options and then create, augment and/or up-skill your team to move your vision forward.

  • We listen in confidence to your story.
  • Our experts offer their advice drawn on years of experience.
  • Finally, we make teams of developers available to you to build your solution.

Most of our experts are based in Ireland and will meet you face-to-face to discuss your particular situation, with a view to determining the technologies and skills that are needed to solve your problems.

OrkidTech works closely with our development partners around Europe to provide near-shore (time zone within 3 hours) cost-effective personnel with the right talents. These can be your new team, expand an existing team or help up-skill your business to be self-sufficient. The mode of operation is tailored to suit your budget, and can include wholly near-shore, a mix of remote and local engagements, and wholly local personnel.

We also know that no two problems are the same, so in addition to our regular experts we maintain contact with a larger pool of talented people in Ireland so that we can consult with them and benefit from their specific expertise in the early phases of a project. Our aim is to give you access to relevant up-to-date knowledge as quickly as possible.

With our help you are well on your way to a solution in a matter of weeks.

What OrkidTech can offer


Our technical resources are highly skilled, they are used to working in an Agile environment utilising the latest technologies and delivering software to the exacting standards demanded by international companies.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our technical personnel and their passion and skill in delivering quality software solutions.

You have the final say on personnel deployment and we will adjust the team composition at any time to suit your requirements.

Customer Focus

We make customer engagement easy, provide a rapid response time with a simple on boarding process and no minimum commitment.

Our success is based on providing top level technical resources and working closely with our clients to enable their success.

Excellent Communication

We provide open transparent communication at company level, account level and at team level.

All account management is done in Dublin, with designated key company personnel available from each of our partners to discuss ongoing projects.

We have team leads with excellent communication skills assigned as part of every technical team.

Technical Quality

We offer you:

  • Guaranteed levels of experience.
  • Hand-picked senior level resources.
  • High levels of expertise in chosen technologies.
  • Strong focus on the latest technologies.
  • Front end, back end and full stack developers.